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Become A Professional Betfair Trader

Dear Friend,


How would you like to learn how to make £100+ EVERY DAY by trading on Betfair?



This Is Your Opportunity To Learn from a Professional Trader


You now have the unique opportunity to learn how to do so from a professional trader in a LIVE training class!


Tony Hargreaves has been trading on Betfair for quite some time now to make a living from trading horse racing + other sports and banking some great profits :-)


He has trained thousands of people to date & is the ONLY person to have been approached by Betfair themselves to train their VIP members!



Here is what you will benefit from:


Learn from one of the UK's top Betfair traders specialising in horse racing + other sports


Tony shows his techniques on making money daily - during one of his seminars, he made £200 profit LIVE in front of attendees like you!



What You Will Learn:



How to make between £5 - £25 on EVERY race



How to jump onto BIGGER market moves to bank even more profits!!



When to secure your bets for guaranteed profits & when to dutch horses



The BEST & cheapest trading software to use to siphon money from Betfair



Hugely-popular training as Tony Hargreaves has trained over 1000+ people both in the UK & Australia  



Course Manuals to take home



Remember Tony will share his "secret techniques" on making money by trading sports on Betfair!


This includes course materials to take home with you so you can go through ALL of his money-making techniques in the comfort of your own home :-)


£200 Profit in ONE day!


As you may be aware, there are similar training courses priced at almost £2,000!!


Remember Tony made a profit of £200 LIVE whilst teaching attendees like yourself in one of his training courses so you will be amazed to learn that Tony is sharing ALL of his money-making strategies & techniques for just £547 (normally £747).


This is a saving of £200 from his normal fee of £747 (which is a bargain in itself!)


There is no reason whatsoever why you cannot make this investment of £547 back within your first week of trading!


And remember, you have this training for life to make money every single day ALL from the comfort of your living room.


How does that sound?


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