Name of Service:  Hotshot Horses.




According to their website...


"This racing service has made an incredible +183 points profit in its

  first 4 months!


As you may have possibly gathered by the neme of our service Hotshot Horses -

we focus on finding horses who are NOT heavily fancied by the bookmakers

to win their races.


Our aim is to exploit the large odds on offer by finding horses who ARE capable of winning at higher prices resulting in greater profits for us all!


As a result, when you expect to locate & find these higher-priced horses, strike rates are typically between 12-20%. However as we are aware, the most important factor is the overall profits generated as I'm sure you agree.


You can see from our results, we made a profit of £1,830 to £10 level stakes in the first 4 months of service. Our profits since then have been very healthy indeed!


Our service is exceptional value at only £30 per month!"



Results:  Hotshot Horses has approximately 6-10 tips each day & their results are sent to you each day by email before 1pm.


During our testing period between July - September 2012, we recorded the following:


Sep W 37 / 258 (14.3%) +16.9


Aug W 39 / 181 (21.5%) +53.5


Jul W 45 / 297 (15.1%) +23.6



By subscribing to Hotshot Horses - you would have achieved a profit of +£940 profit to just £10 level stakes in 3 months.


For just £30 per month, this represents exceptional value!



Brief Review:


During the 3 months of tsting, we achieved a total profit of +94 points - at an average of +31.3 points each month whcih is truly impressive!


Remember this service specifically focuses on finding horses that are in the higher-odds range and therefore strike rates will be on the lower end than some racing services out there - but the profits it makes is the main thing for us & Hothot Horses delivers!


Price:  £30 per month.


Rating:  5/5


Rexommended:  Yes

Hotshot Horses Review