Magic Horses Review

Name of Service: Magic Horses.


This is a simple neat racing service which consistently provides winners
with healthy profits each month.

There is approx. 9-10 bets per day so not too many or not too few. The tips are
sent to to you around 1pm.

Their service is competitively-priced at only £20 per month.

Results: Major Horses has approximately 9-10 tips each day & their results are sent to you each day by email at approx. 1pm.
During our testing period between July - September 2012, we recorded the following:

Sep W 55 / 290 (19%) +21.1

Aug W 57 / 308 (19%) +18.9

Jul W 69 / 301 (23%) +16.4

By subscribing to Major Horses, you would have achieved a profit of +£564 profit to just £10 level stakes in the 3 months during our testing period..

This service is only £20 per month.

Brief Review:

During the 3 months of tsting, we achieved a total profit of +56.4 points.

We were impressed with this racing service with decent strike rates (approx. 20%). Although the profits are around the +20 point mark, we still consider this service a worthwhile investment.

Price:  £20 per month.

Rating:  4/5

Rexommended: Yes