Name of Service:  Top Picks Racing.




Top Picks Racing service is run by the same guys at Major Horses & they have

2 main racing services called Top Picks + Major Racing.


See our Brief Review for more information on both.





Our 3-month testing period between August - October 2012 is as follows:


Top Picks:


Oct W 23 / 57 (40%) +27.3


Sep W 21 / 56  (38%)  +44.2


Aug W 19 / 59  (32%)  +19.7



Major Racing:


Oct W 51 / 185 (28%) +11.3


Sep W 29 / 212  (14%)  +14.5


Aug W 61 / 219  (28%)  +22.3



Brief Review:


We have to say that the results have been amazing especially when taking into account the returns made.


Top Picks involves the best 1-2 tips for the day. It made impressive profits in each of the 3 months including +44.2 points during September alone! For just a tenner subscription each month, I can recommend this highly.


Major Racing has more tips for the day (average 8-10 tips) & the authors who run this system has told us that this number will increase as they come up with more horses to follow.


Again, good profits for both services.





Top Picks: £10 per month.


Major Racing: £15 per month.


Both Top Picks + Major Racing: £20 per month.



Rating:  5 /5


Rexommended:  Yes

Top Picks Racing Review