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Here's a great FREE technique from the guys at the Race Advisor using the Place market!


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Winning Betting System


Today I wanted to give you a betting strategy, for free, that will work without you even having to think about it.


It's a no-brainer!


Based on previous statistics, there will be less than 100 people (out of nearly 30,000 reading this newsletter) who'll stick with it and take the profits.


Personally... I'd recommend you were one of them ;)


It's an approach which has been around for a while, and is still as effective today as it always has been.


It works by taking advantageof the place market on Betfair.


You want to look for races where the favourite horse is odds-on (has odds of less than 2.00).


Once you've found a race like this, you need to work out what odds the bookmakers are paying for the place part of an each-way bet.


Let me explain...


When you bet each-way, half of your bet is on the horse to win and half of your bet is on the horse to place.


We want to work out what the odds are on the place portion of that bet, and here's how you do it...


Go to www.oddschecker.com, find the race and the bookmaker you will be placing your each-way bet with.


At the bottom of the odds for that bookmaker they show you what they're paying out on the place portion of the bet.


The top number is the amount of places that the bookmaker will pay out for.


A horse finishing in the top three will be winners for the place portion of the each-way bet.


Under this is the fraction of the win odds that will be used to determine the place odds. In the above example it is 1/5.


To work out the place odds, you take the win odds (for example 4.50) and divide it by the second part of the fraction, in this example 5.


Here's what the sum looks like:


4.50 - 1 = 3.50 / 5 = 0.7 + 1 = 1.70


The place portion of this bet is paying out odds of 1.70.


You'll notice that we've had to remove 1 at the beginning, and then added it on again at the beginning. This is an important step, please don't miss it out.


How do we make this knowledge work for us?


We take a race where the favourite is odds-on and then find out what the odds the bookies are giving for the place portion of the bet.


Compare this to the odds in the Place market on Betfair. 


Where the bookmakers odds are 50% higher than Betfair, you have a bet.


Make your each-way bet with the bookmaker and immediately place a lay bet on Betfair for half of your stake (this is the win portion of your each-way bet).


It looks like this:


Bet 1 – You have placed a £25 each-way bet (total stake £50) with the bookmaker.


Bet 2 – You have placed a £25 lay bet on the win market with Betfair.


That means you break-even on the win portion of your bet, sometimes you may lose a little and sometimes you may win a little, ultimately you will be near enough break-even.


The only risk left is the place portion of the each-way bet with the bookmaker. If the horse places then you win it and if it loses then you lose it.


But here's what makes it profitable...


You know that the place odds you've taken are 50% higher than Betfair. 


Due to the nature of each-way bets, the bookmaker has to work out the place odds by dividing the win odds. This is highly inaccurate and inefficient.


The Betfair place market represents a highly accurate estimate of what the odds should be.


By following this method you will always be betting with at least a 50% advantage!


Which means in the long-term you can't lose ;)


It's simple, and very effective.


I hope you found that useful :-)


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Information courtesy of the Race Advisor.


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Posted on 30th March 2018